December 2017 minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday,
18th December, 2017.

Present: Councillors
Mrs. B. Williams (Chairman)
Miss V. Aldridge
Mrs. V. Chown
G. Garbett
Mrs. J. Gardiner
C. Martin

Clerk: T. Reynolds

Apologies received from: Cllr. Mrs. J. Constable; David Edwards, Cornwall Council.

Also present:
Cornwall Councillor M.A. Kaczmarek
David Edwards from Cornwall Council had been invited to attend this meeting to debate an objection received by Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek to changes made to First Kernow’s Service 46 which no longer incorporates Carharrack in most of its daily runs, a limited service being offered at school times in the mornings and afternoons. Mr. Edwards, however, became ill at a late stage and his colleague tendered his apology for not being able to attend, the colleague also not being able to replace him due to a prior commitment. It was decided to invite Mr. Edwards to the January meeting.

Police Report – The Clerk had established that just one crime had been reported to the police during October, this being under the heading of Drugs and taking place at or near Tremayne Road. The matter is shown as still being under investigation.
Neighbourhood Watch Report – With Mr. Christopher Cottell not being present, there was no report from Carharrack NHW
but it was noted that the draft minutes of St. Day Parish Council for their December meeting indicated that the Speedwatch Co-ordinator for Carharrack had resigned. Since it was thought that Mr. Cottell might have been that person, the Clerk to make enquiries and report back at the next meeting.

Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek reported:
He is to have a meeting with Cornwall Council’s Chief Executive at Wheal Jewel on 2nd January when he would highlight the many complaints received regarding the management of the site;
He has been in touch with the police regarding the ongoing problem of motorists driving without due care and appropriate speed at the junction of Fore Street and United Road but is disappointed that they do not appear to be giving it the attention it deserves. He will continue to press for action;
He is aware that the police operation to attempt to identify motorcyclists who are using footpaths and bridleways illegally in this and other local parishes took place on a recent Sunday but only a small number had been observed. The Clerk indicated that he had witnessed the many police officers involved in the operation when using the United Mines Household Waste Recycling Centre and had been told by one police officer that it was thought that messages had been sent by various modern means of communication by the motorcyclists warning of the police presence;
He had been invited to submit a wish list regarding highway improvements at Carharrack which could be considered for attention next year. His own thoughts were that the junction of Fore Street and United Road needs to be improved; that traffic calming measures are needed along the frontage of the Recreation Ground in Fore Street and that the use of large lorries using Consols Road requires action to improve the safety of pedestrians. Councillors agreed to these suggestions, the Clerk to indicate them on a map provided by C.C. Kaczmarek and return it to him;
He is against a proposed reduction in C.C. funding for the Citizen’s Advice Service in Cornwall and also opposes proposals to relocate radiotherapy sessions out of county.

Cllr. Mrs. Williams declared an interest in matters involving I.C.E.

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 20th November, 2017, are a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman. Additional copies were made available for Carharrack Stars and Carharrack Club.


520 Mr. S. Dawe, Whitmoor, Consols Road – Erection of conservatory to rear of property
No objections to this application
518 Mr. S. Newman, Mayfair Cottage, Squire Lane – Removal of wooden shed and replace with garage


Nothing to record.
Carn Marth Trust
Cllr. Garbett reported that a big theatre company is planning to stage a production of The Hound of the Baskervilles next season.
Highway Matters
It was noted that CORMAC had carried out a replacement of underground drainage pipes at Fore Street over five days between 11th and 15th December but Councillors were not aware of any flooding or highway problems at that stretch of road while being only too aware of water rising through the tarmac at Sparry Lane, near the junction with Tresithney Road, and that requests have been placed with CORMAC to rectify this situation. CC Kaczmarek requested an e-mail from the Clerk on this matter so that he could follow-up, confirming that he had been unaware of a highway problem at Fore Street.
CC Kaczmarek had reported the poor surface of the highway at Hillside Road, as reported at the last meeting by Cllr. Garbett, but did not know what action CORMAC had taken.
Litter Picking
An invoice had been received from David Hall seeking payment for three months of litter picking and bus shelter cleaning for the period December, 2016 to February, 2017, following this Council resolving to dispense with his services. RESOLVED to settle this account.
At this point, CC Kaczmarek left the meeting, 8.20 p.m.
Recreation Ground
The Chairman reported that I.C.E. are processing information gleaned from completed questionnaires and other surveys regarding improvements at the play ground.
Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine
The Clerk was not in a position to report if SUEZ had finally made a payment to reimburse this Council for printing costs for the Autumn and Winter magazines since the appropriate bank statement had yet to be received.
Lleylandii trees at Carharrack Club
Cllr.Mrs. Chown indicated that progress is being made with the trimming of the trees, this work being mixed with other improvements at the club.
An extended debate took place on the pros and cons of having a defibrillator available at some point in Carharrack and it was RESOLVED that Linzi Berryman, the parishioner who had initially proposed this facility, be advised that if she goes ahead with fund raising activities, this Council would certainly consider making a financial contribution.

The next meeting of the Liaison Group is to take place on Tuesday, 9th January.
Cllr. Martin and the Clerk had attended the reformed Community Liaison Group meeting held at Pulla Cross on 6th December and reported that, if all goes well, drilling could commence as early as March, 2018. Concerns were expressed regarding the route to be taken by large lorries delivering the drilling rig and other equipment and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk obtains confirmation of the planned route from Peter Ledingham, Operations Director with Geothermal Engineering of Falmouth.

The Clerk reported that the vast majority of plot holders written to had responded by sending payment of fees for the next season and he would be following-up with a couple of people would had not responded. There had been two plots let to newcomers during the past month.
The Clerk reported that he had consulted Cornwall Council, owners of the Allotments field, regarding to the removal of the wooden steps on the Parish Council’s side of a hedge and a bungalow in Sparry Lane and a site visit had been made when the matter was explained to the officer attending. The Estates Services Manager, Mr. Jonny Alford, had subsequently confirmed that there are no rights for the residential property to access through the rear wall onto the Allotments field. It was further advised that the current resident should be obliged to reinstate the hedge if the property is offered again for sale. RESOLVED that the Clerk writes to the resident accordingly.
The Clerk also advised Councillors that he was in the process of obtaining quotations for work to be carried out to improve the drainage of an area of grass inside the entrance gate where, in recent years, rain water has failed to drain away, leaving saturated soil conditions.
A combination lock had been purchased for the main gate and the Clerk would be fitting this shortly.

1. Pound Footpath. Nothing to record.
2. Pound Field and building. Nothing to record.
3. Mining Villages Regeneration. Cllr. Martin gave a report on the meeting of the M.V.R.G. at Stithians on 24th November. The next meeting will be on 18th January at St. Day.
4. Footbridge. All was thought to be well.
5. Park Stenak. Nothing to record.
6. Bus Shelters. Nothing to record
7. Mills Hall. Nothing to record.
8. Museum. Nothing to record.
9. Village Leaflets. Nothing to record.

1. C.C. – Register of Interests Declarations. The Clerk had provided documents for Councillors to complete and these will be
delivered to County Hall.
2. Crime Commissioner’s latest report For circulation
3. North Kerrier Community Open Day at Heartlands on 17th January For circulation
4. Documents on defibrillators obtained by Cllr. Martin For circulation
5. St. Day P.C. – Draft minutes for December meeting For circulation
6. Gwennap P.C. Minutes of October meeting For circulation

Based on a working paper prepared and circulated by the Clerk, it was RESOLVED to submit a Precept of £8,500 to Cornwall Council for the 2018/2019 financial year, this figure repeating those set for each financial year since 2011/12.

The replacement External Auditor for Grant Thornton had been notified as being PKF Littlejohn LLP of Canary Wharf, London. The usual fee of £100 is to increase to £200.

Cheques were signed for:
£ 294.00 D. Hall Litter picking/bus shelter cleaning
£1,312.48 Clerk Salary and reimbursements, Oct. – Dec. 2017 details circulated
£ 255.00 H.M.R.C. Clerk’s P.A.Y.E.

Monday, 22nd January, 2018.

The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

Cllr. Miss Aldridge was warmly thanked for providing mince pies for enjoyment by Councillors and Clerk.