December 2019 minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday,
16th December, 2019.

Present: Councillors
Mrs. B. Holland (Chairman)
Miss V.Aldridge
Mrs. V. Chown
G. Garbett
A. McCartney
C. Martin

Clerk: T. Reynolds

Apologies received from: Cllr. Mrs. J. Constable

Also present:
Cornwall Councillor M.A. Kaczmarek; C. Cottell, D. Dyer, R. Evatt,
The Chairman welcomed Councillor Alec McCartney to his first Parish Council meeting following his co-option and the Clerk confirmed that the appropriate Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Register of Interests documents had been completed and signed for submission to Cornwall Council.
The Clerk then reported that he had decided to retire from his post as Clerk having served for approaching twenty two years and being under pressure from other commitments, family illness issues and other personal reasons so to do. He had raised the matter at the commencement of the meeting so that his involvement in many parish issues could be taken into account when an advertisement for his replacement is prepared. His decision was received with reluctance by Councillors.

Mr. Cottell confirmed that he had been working on the request received at the November meeting of this Council to compile a report on the varying condition of footpaths/bridleways in the parish, had taken some 20 photographs to support his submission
but was not in a position to print these photographs. In thanking him for his kind efforts, it was confirmed that the Parish Council will attend to the development of the photographs.
Mr. Dyer expressed strong concerns regarding vehicles now being parked on the highway between Tremayne Road and Pound Cross, causing a dangerous situation for motorists, especially in the current dark evenings C.C. Kaczmarek indicated that he would notify the police regarding this matter – this Council to discuss at the appropriate point on the agenda.
Mr. Evatt reported the ongoing situation of a parishioner using other people’s bins to dispose of his waste materials. Cllr. Miss Aldridge reported that she was aware of this gentleman and had spoken to him with a request to discontinue this practise but clearly this had not registered with him. C.C. Kaczmarek requested an e-mail from Mr. Evatt so that he could take action.
Police Report – The Clerk had established that 4 crimes had been reported to the police during October. These were:
Violence & Sexual Offences Park Stenak Under investigation
Theft from the Person Park Stenak Under investigation
A. S. B. Park Stenak
A.S.B. Polkerris Road
Neighbourhood Watch Report – Mr. Cottell indicated that there would be a meeting of Carharrack NHW on Thursday of the current week to which this Council is invited. It was confirmed that the Council will be represented.
Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek reported:
E-mails sent to Cornwall Council in support of this Council’s long standing requests to have fallen finger posts at Sparry Lane and Sunrise Hill have resulted in CORMAC being instructed to carry out this work without further delay;
He had followed-up this Council’s request for guidance on a problem at the ford at Little Carharrack by arranging for a Countryside Officer to make an inspection. This had been done and the owner/occupier of the land adjacent to the ford will be contacted to explore options in dealing with the excess amount of loose stone accumulating at the ford;
He has written to the Public Open Space Officer at Cornwall Council strongly objecting to a proposal to allow trade concessions, known as Pop Up Sites, being created at Wheal Maid, United Downs, arguing that there are a number of well established small businesses in the local area that rely on passing trade;
He had responded to a complaint from a parishioner regarding inappropriate parking at various places in the village by indicating that he has had the introduction of double yellow lines approved by Cornwall Council, subject to public consultation, at Church Street and Fore Street and had involved the police in tackling parking problems at Pennance Road and Foxes Row. His advice had been to always involve the police if vehicle parking is causing an obstruction;
He was delighted that St. Day & Carharrack School has been rated as ‘Good’ in a recent Ofsted report. Councillors echoed this sentiment;
Nasty comments about himself had appeared on the Carharrack Social News webpage but these had been withdrawn following counter comments from other people;
He was saddened by news of the retirement of the Clerk, reflecting that they had established a good working relationship over very many years.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18th November, 2019, are a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman. Additional copies were made available for Carharrack Club and the Mills Hall.

Public Clinic – Reinstatement of hedge at Pound Cross. Responding to a question from Cllr. Martin, C.C. Kaczmarek reported that he is keeping an eye on the situation involving planning permission for the plot at Pound Cross, actually in St. Day Parish,
and will chase up a possible land take issue.

None to consider
544 Andrew Bros. – Proposed residential dwelling at land South West of Grove Vista, Trevarth Road
It was noted that this Council’s request that one of the conditions of approval be one for the protection for access
to Bridleway 204/12, situated adjacent to the site, had been included.
559 Mrs. S. Pooley – Outline planning permission with access, layout and scale for a bungalow at Tarn Hows, Sparry
The Development Officer, in responding to observations made by this Council at the November meeting, had
indicated that since concerns over safe access to the site is not shared by Highways Department and damage to
the water supply is a civil matter, delegated approval is appropriate, unless challenged by this Council.
RESOLVED not to comment at this stage but await the detailed planning application for this site.
Poldory Wood Yard, St. Day
No decisions yet from Cornwall Council

The news that finger post signs at Sparry Lane and Sunrise Hill will be reinstated shortly was welcomed.
Cllr. Miss Aldridge commented that the cutting back of brambles on the boundary of 21 Trevince Parc that had been causing a danger to users of the grass passageway linking Trevince Parc and United Road had not, in her opinion, been sufficient. The Clerk to follow-up.
The Clerk had approached the Countryside Access Team at CORMAC regarding the top branches of a fallen tree obstructing Footpath 19 linking Pennance Road with Hillside Road. Confirmation had been received that a letter had been sent to the owner/occupier of Railway House, Pennance Road indicating that it is their responsibility to a remove this obstruction since the tree stands on their boundary.
A claim for this year’s LMP grant had been submitted to Cornwall Council.
Carn Marth Trust
Cllr. Garbett indicated that C.M.T. might be willing to loan their portable toilet, for an agreed amount, on one-off occasions in Carharrack but would not wish them to be left unattended at night so they would have to be returned on the same day.
Highway Matters
RESOLVED that the Clerk passes on to the police for action the dangerous situation reported in Public Clinic of vehicles being parked on the highway linking Tremayne Road and Pound Cross.
Litter Picking
The Clerk reported that litter picking equipment has been booked with Cornwall Council, subject to confirmation closer to the date, for Friday, 27th March. An alternative was suggested of borrowing gear from St. Day P.C., who have their own, or purchase some of our own. The Clerk to follow-up.
Recreation Ground
Nothing to record.
Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine
Cllr. McCartney confirmed that he would take over the delivery round previously covered by Jenny Gardiner, full addresses to be supplied to him by Cllr. Mrs. Chown.
The Clerk confirmed receipt of refunds due to this Council by SUEZ.
The Clerk had met Luke Tudor of Coast Medic, the supplier of the AED, at the Mills Hall in late November to discuss the monthly check required at the box, this to be confirmed in an e-mail. After prompting, this had been received. Free training for the use of the defibrillator can be provided by Coast Medic. This to receive further discussion at the next meeting.
C.C. Kaczmarek left the meeting at this point, 8.30.p.m.
Notice Boards
The Clerk confirmed that the Mills Hall board and been attended to, the one at St. Piran’s Church will be done on the following day and the other two will be upgraded as soon as possible thereafter.
Climate Emergency
It was RESOLVED that Cllr. Garbett becomes this Council’s representative on a Climate Action Working Party being formed by the CPIR (Camborne, Pool, Illogan & Redruth) Community Network Panel. The first meeting is planned for Wednesday evening, 8th January, 2020, with a Workshop for Town and Parish Councils provisionally planned for Saturday, 22nd February, 2020. Cllr. Martin, this Council’s elected representative at Community Network Panel meetings, fully supported this resolution.

Tree Problems
Albion Row – the complainant had advised the Clerk that she would be waiting for the New Year before commencing the action advised by the Forestry Officer.
Sparry Lane – It was noted that cutting back of overgrowth has yet to commence but it was thought that the matter is in hand.
Incident Report Cards
Cllr. McCartney agreed to his name being added to the list of Councillors authorised to submit Incident Report cards.
Phone Box
It was noted that the phone box has been removed from its former position near the Carharrack Stars Public House by BT, the exact date not being known but thought to be around 9th December.

Nothing to record.

The Chairman and Cllr. Miss Aldridge reported on the meeting they have had to discuss various matters involving the Allotments and Councillors had been circulated with recommendations they felt appropriate, including the revision of the Agreement for Letting document. Further discussion to take place at the January, 2020, meeting.
It was RESOLVED that the holder of Plot 50 be informed that the Agreement for Letting would not be extended for the next
season due to the almost entire lack of attention to the plot during the season just ended.

1. Pound Footpath. Nothing to record.
2. Pound Field and building. Cllr Garbett reported that further tree planting had taken place in the field with approximately 60
saplings going in.
3. Mining Villages Regeneration. Nothing to record.
4. Footbridge. Nothing to record.
5. Park Stenak. Nothing to record.
6. Bus Shelters. Cllr. Miss Aldridge indicated that she would be cleaning the shelters shortly and the Clerk was thanked for
more removal of weeds from the guttering of the Mills Hall shelter.
7. Mills Hall. Nothing to record.
8. Museum. Nothing to record.
9. Village Leaflets. Nothing to record.

1. Samuel Constable, Carharrack & St. Day Silver Band – Letter of thanks for the approval of this Council to allow busking in
the village, including the suggestion that the forecourt of St. Piran’s Church might be a good location following appropriate
consent. Noted.
2. Fowey Town Council – Code of Conduct Training. Await notification of training dates/venues.
3. Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine For circulation
4. St. Day P.C. – Draft minutes for December meeting For circulation
5. Gwennap P.C. – Minutes for October meeting For circulation

Precept. Cllr. Martin suggested that a repeat figure of £8,500 be submitted since this Council has sufficient reserves to cover additional expenditure that will be involved in wholly funding the printing of Carharrack News and appointing a replacement Clerk. This proposal was not supported. After a lengthy and wide ranging discussion, including Precepts being submitted by neighbouring parishes, Cllr. Mrs. Chown proposed a sum of £20,000 and this was approved by a majority of Councillors for submission to Cornwall Council.

Cheques were signed for:
£ 52.00 Cllr. Aldridge Refund for Fomex for notice boards
£ 1,369.42 Clerk Salary and reimbursements for Oct./Nov./Dec. – details circulated
£ 255.00 H.M.R.C. Clerk’s P.A.Y.E.
£ 591.84 Voguebeloth Verge trimming/weed control/Pound Field strimming, 2019

Monday, 20th January, 2020

Future meeting dates confirmed as: 24th February;23rd March; 20th April; 18th May; 22nd June; 20th July; 21st September; 19th October; 23rd November and 14th December, 2020.

The meeting closed at 10.30 p.m.