March 2019 minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday,

18th March, 2019.


Present: Councillors

Mrs. B. Williams (Chairman)

Mrs. V. Chown

Mrs. J. Gardiner

C. Martin

Clerk: T. Reynolds

Apologies received from: Cllrs. Mrs. J. Constable, Miss V. Aldridge and G. Garbett

Also present:

Cornwall Councillor M.A. Kaczmarek; D. Dyer, R. Evatt, M. Gay


Mr. Dyer said that he had been approached by a neighbour to ask if the crowing of a cockerel was causing him any concern at Croft Row. He had responded that this was not the case but was not aware of why this approach had been made. The Clerk indicated that more light would be thrown on this matter later in the meeting.

Mr. Evatt indicated that some fencing in the Recreation Ground has fallen over, reflecting wind damage rather than vandalism.

He also wished to indicate his opposition to a planning application to be discussed later on the agenda.

Mr. Gay answered questions put to him by Councillors regarding his planning application, also appearing on the agenda.

Police Report – The Clerk had established that 4 crimes had been reported to the police during January. These were:

Burglary Wheal Damsel Road Investigations complete, no suspect identified

Vehicle Crime Wheal Damsel Road Investigations complete, no suspect identified

Violence & Sexual Offence Park Stenak Under investigation

Violence & Sexual Offence Tremayne Road Unable to prosecute suspect

The Clerk reported that he had contacted the police regarding Tremayne Road appearing, yet again, on the list of crimes and asked for details of the actual address but this could not be provided without considerable work by the officer he had spoken to. This matter will be raised by the Clerk at the next Police Liaison Group meeting on 1st April.

Neighbourhood Watch Report – No report available.

Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek reported:


Cllr. Mrs. Williams declared an interest in matters involving I.C.E.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18th February, 2019, are a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman. Additional copies were made available for Carharrack Club and the Mills Hall.





545 Mr. & Mrs. M. Gay, Trevethan Meadows
Reserved matters application following outline approval PA18/03868 dated 29.08.18 for the construction of a
permanent dwelling in association with equestrian business
Provided that the County Land Agent has confirmed the ongoing viability of the equestrian business at
Trevethan Meadows , Councillors raise no objections to this application albeit that the proposed dwelling
has the appearance of an urban setting rather than a rural one. All conditions attached to the outline
permission should remain enforceable.

Applications (continued)

546 Mr. S. Tweedie, 19 Albion Row, Fore Street

Having raised no objections in principle to the previous application for this extension, approved by

Cornwall Council on 3rd January,2014, but not carried out by the applicant, Councillors retain that

opinion but wish every avenue to be explored that will remove or reduce the loss of light that it is claimed

will be experienced by the occupiers of neighbouring properties.

547 Mr.& Mrs. D. Pedley, 25 United Road

Construct front, rear and side extensions to existing detached single storey dwelling

Councillors raise no objections to this application.


544 Mr. & Mrs. Berryman, Jasmine Hill, Budock Water, Falmouth

Construction of stables with tack room and store and the keeping of horses

Land at Five Shutes, Little Carharrack



Poldory Wood Yard, St. Day

C.C. Kaczmarek reported that he was aware that visits had been made to the site by appropriate Cornwall

Council officers but a report on their findings has yet to be issued.

At this point, C.C. Kaczmarek left the meeting 8.15 p.m.



The Clerk had sent an e-mail to Gavin Henderson, Senior Countryside Officer, reminding him of the long overdue reinstatement of the finger post at the Sparry Lane end of Footpath 13. Unusually, a response had not been received.

Carn Marth Trust

Nothing to record.

Highway Matters

The Clerk had queried with Adrian Hosking the lack of pictorial evidence of water rising through the tarmac at Sparry Lane in view of the many CORMAC officers who have visited the site in the past and taken photographs. With no response, it must be assumed that evidence has been found.

With regard to moveable speed signs, it was acknowledged that such equipment requires movement from time to time to a fresh location to be fully effective and unless this can be done on a volunteer basis, a charge will be made by CORMAC. In addition the batteries supplying electricity to the signs will require recharging. RESOLVED to delay any decision on this subject for the time being.

Litter Picking

Next session due on Friday, 5th April.

Recreation Ground

The Chairman undertook to contact Cornwall Council regarding the fallen fencing reported earlier in Public Clinic. See also

Geothermal Project below.

Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine

The Chairman confirmed that the missing box of magazines had been delivered to her and the contents passed on to Councillors for distribution to parishioners.


The Clerk had received a request from Linzi Berryman to send a cheque for £1,700.00 to Coast Medic for the next stage in obtaining a defibrillator for Carharrack. Signatures had been obtained for the cheque and it was duly dispatched.

Notice Boards

After considering the various types of boards available and the high expense involved, it was RESOLVED that the existing four boards be updated in accordance with a quotation received from Graham’s Workshop for £674.00.


It was noted that the final meeting of the Liaison Group has still to be arranged by SUEZ.


Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner reported that the second meeting of the United Downs Geothermal Community Fund had taken place and gave details of applications that had received funding and those that been unsuccessful. One of the former had been Carharrack Methodist Church who were granted £2,283.88 for a wooden slip-free access ramp and one of the latter had been from I.C.E. for £140,000 for major improvements to the Recreation Ground.


The Clerk confirmed that the area of grass inside the site where some plot holders park their vehicles had been attended to, without charge, by a farmer friend of his who had used a tractor mounted machine that makes deep slits in the surface to encourage surface water to drain down through to lower soil. Only time will tell if this treatment improves the saturation problem of the past. The Clerk also expressed disappointment that some long standing plot holders had been driving vehicles onto the site when heavy rainfall had made the surface inappropriate to drive over. The Chairman reported that she had removed the signs forbidding vehicles to enter the field when a week of sunny weather had been experienced in late February/early March, trusting that plot holders would stop doing so if and when wet weather set in. Her trust had been clearly abused.

ALLOTMENTS (continued)

The Clerk confirmed that a new combination lock had been fitted to the lower shed and a replacement tap provided at the top of the site. The occupier of Plot 48 had been contacted regarding the wind damage to his shed and this had subsequently been attended to and the plot has been dug over for more than half of the surface area.

An accurate meter reading had been submitted to South West Water for consumption between October, 2018, and January, 2019, and their original invoice for £236.94 reduced to £38.55. This had been paid.

  1. Pound Footpath. A parishioner had complained that the surface of the path has again got grass creeping over it from both sides making it uncomfortable to propel her wheelchair over. The Clerk to notify St. Day P.C.

  2. Pound Field and building. In the absence of Cllr. Garbett, it was thought that all is well at the field with the exception of

a patch of gorse growing on or near the hedge near Pound Crossroads that Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner reported reduces visibility

for motorists looking up Tresaddern Hill. The Clerk to rectify.

  1. Mining Villages Regeneration. Cllr. Martin reported on a meeting held at Stithians on 28th February.

  2. Footbridge. Nothing to record.

  3. Park Stenak. Nothing to record.

  4. Bus Shelters. Cllr. Martin reported possible graffiti at the lower shelter. The Clerk to follow-up.

7. Mills Hall. Nothing to record.

8. Museum. Nothing to record.

9. Village Leaflets. Nothing to record.


1. Letter from resident of Croft Row regarding a cockerel causing a nuisance by crowing at early hours of the morning. The

Clerk explained the actions he had taken

2. Bangers & Mash-Up – Invitation for parishioners to display at an Art Exhibition at the United Downs Raceway on 17th &

18th July For circulation and possible inclusion in next parish magazine

3. Great Western Railway – Compensation changes For circulation

4. St. Day P.C. – Draft minutes for February meeting For circulation

5. Gwennap P.C. – Minutes for January meeting For circulation


The Clerk had requested information from Carharrack Club concerning losses following the break-in they had experienced and reported at this Council’s February meeting. The response indicated that loss adjusters were still making their assessment and so the situation was not clear. RESOLVED to return to this item when further information is available.

Cheques had been, or were, signed for:

£ 458.26 Clerk Refund for printing of Spring, 2019, edition of Carharrack News

£ 38.55 S.W. Water Allotments water supply

£1,700.00 Coast Medic Provision of defibrillator

£1,225.43 Clerk Salary/reimbursements for Jan./Feb./Mar. – details circulated

£ 255.00 H.M.R.C. Clerk’s P.A.Y.E.


Monday, 15th April, 2019.

The meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.